Powerful Filtering & Marketing Solution

Don’t Get Caught Flat-Footed By The Personal Data Protection Act!

1,073,124 have already registered themselves in the DNC Registry

Adhoc Or Bulk Upload of numbers to filter.

Adhoc Check : Turn around time immediate, only to numbers that we had in our database. Else, 24hrs.

Bulk Check : Pre-upload your list, results will be available the begining of the following month, unless stated.

Price List
  • SGD 120.00/YEAR
  • Cumulative 15K scrubs p.a
  • Contact Numbers
  • SGD 480.00/YEAR
  • Cumulative 60K scrubs p.a
  • Contact Numbers
  • 1 Cent Per Number Per Registry
  • Minimum ($100) for 10,000 credits @ 1 cent each
  • Contact Numbers
Contact Us for more information at support@dncfilter.com