Do I need to re-check the numbers uploaded previously?

Yes - each set of numbers previously checked with DNCFilter.com has a validity date.

Once a number expires, you will need to re-check it to obtain a new validity date. The same charges apply for a re-check.

I just uploaded my file. How do i know if my file is ready?

You will be notified by email that your file is ready for download. Proceed to the LOBBY or TRANSACTION menu to download your file.

I downloaded my scrubbed file and noticed that there are "Pending" entries under the "No Voice Call". What does that mean?

Pending status for an uploaded number means that the system cannot provide the status of that number. We exclude those numbers and send them through for filtering the very next day.

Once we get the status, you will receive another email from us to notify you to download the new file.

Are there any other functions DNCFilter provides besides checking the DNC?

No - DNCFilter currently focuses only on filtering DNC registered numbers.

Who should i contact if I encounter a problem using the system?

Call our support hotline at +65 6356 7215 or email us at support@dncfilter.com

Is it safe to use my credit-card to transact with DNCFilter?

DNCFilter does not retain any sensitive credit-card information. You will be directed to our payment partner stripe.com.

For more information on stripe.com, please visit : https://stripe.com/en-sg